Social Facilitation

In a dynamic country like South Africa, Black Economic Empowerment, Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investments keep on changing in line with changes in policies, practice and legislations. For a complete winning strategy to keep abreast of developments, Makoba Consulting can help an organization to develop and implement a winning formula and plan.

Makoba Consulting has established a range of cordial relationships with different organisations and entities nationally and internationally. This includes traditional authorities, funding institutions, parastatals and all the three spheres of government in the country.

Makoba Consulting team can help with the assessment of the effectiveness of any organization’s existing Enterprise Development or Corporate Social Investment programme. The team has the capacity and expertise to assist with the management and implementation of Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investment or work with the organization to develop tailor-made solutions that meet that company’s objectives.  Makoba Consulting does offer social facilitation for Mining inception from feasibility studies, application for prospecting rights, execution of a mining licence, mining closure up to post closure activities such as rehabilitation of the pre-mining land scape. Alongside that Makoba Consulting Team has expertise and experience in the Development and Implementation of mines’ Social Labour Plans. We conduct the Development and implementation of government social and infrastructure projects.

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