Wotshela Attorneys offers a variety of expertise in certain areas of major legal practice.  We assist our clients in identifying and managing legal risks including an exposure to legal risks and to develop appropriate policies and mechanisms to control the risks.

The following legal services are offered by our highly experienced and qualified professionals in the following fields of law:

  1. Corporate and Commercial Practice
  2. Public and Administrative law practice
  3. Forensic investigation

In this area we focus purely on commercial contracts entered into by the clients together with any legal risks that are identified in such contracts.

We assist our clients in proactively identifying and managing identified risks in all contracts wherein our client(s) is a Party.   In addition thereto, we assist in analyzing the content of each contract and to determine any disputes and processes to be followed on resolving the contractual disputes.

  • Corporate Governance

Our specialists on corporate governance provides the following services :

  • Directors and Trustee’s induction;
  • Development of Charters and terms of reference for the Boards and its Committees;
  • Providing corporate governance advice on the standards of expected corporate behavior as set out in King III and the Companies Act of 2008;
  • Evaluation of Board and its Committees;
  • Providing independent Corporate Governance advice to the Board and its Committees;
  • Development of Code of Ethics, Gift Policy, and management of conflict of interests;
  • Providing advice and direction on corporate governance and fraud prevention and evaluation of the level of corporate governance in an organization in line with the King Report;
  • Secretarial services to Boards and its Committees.


  • Compliance

Our services are geared at identifying legislations applicable to our client’s business, set up processes for ensuring compliance with these legislations, monitoring compliance and regularly reporting to client on the status of its compliance with applicable legislations.

We provide analytical assessment and intricate cross-checking validation services for full compliance that seeks to benefit our clients.

Our services in this area of law includes, amongst other things:

  • Advisory opinions in the interpretation and application of the public finance legislations

(Public Finance Management Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, National Treasury Regulations and Treasury Guidelines and directives);

  • Advisory opinions in the interpretation and application of road traffic legislations;
  • Drafting and reviewing of legislations (by laws and national legislations);
  • Advising on governance issues within public entities;
  • Advising on restructuring of public entities;
  • Compliance with Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, Promotion of Access to Information Act (with specific focus on proper handling of application for access to information to enable clients to avoid unnecessary litigation and risks associated therewith).

At Wotshela Attorneys we assist both public and private sector in detecting, preventing and responding to fraud and misconduct in their businesses.

We provide a seamless service, conducting investigations aimed at immediate remedies such as disciplinary hearings, civil recovery and/or criminal investigations.  We provide our clients with legal opinions, setting out their legal rights and the remedies available to them after falling victim to economic crime. All information provided to us and all work undertaken by us is treated as strictly confidential and clients will also enjoy the benefits of legal professional privilege.

We are able to provide the following services in this area:

3.1       Fraud risk assessment

3.2       Forensic audit and investigation

3.3       Procurement assessment and review

3.4       Fraud reporting